Saturday, April 12, 2008

Tyler's First Baseball Game...and more

Grandma takes Tyler to his first baseball game! "Look at all these people...this is baseball!" Tyler is sporting his Iowa Cubs gear which was Grandma's gift to Tyler before he was even born!
Last night was a monumental night for Tyler...not only did he go to his first baseball game, he stayed awake for the whole game PLUS fireworks at the end. This really made my mom's trip memorable and exciting. She was really happy! We had a cookout at our house before the game and invited Tyler's three cousins and our neighbor Alex, the boys played football, some of them ate and others forgot. At the game my mom treated to some drinks and I had a few skittles to share...but all in all we made it through 9 innings (besides getting there a little late and barely finding seats!) and the boys were boys, they dodged the foul balls, except one lady in the stands did not...she got knocked out with a bloody nose...but she was OK and got a standing ovation from the crowd. They found a baseball only to have to return it to it's owner, played tag, and of course annoyed a few fans jumping over and over and over them. It was exactly what was expected with four boys and a baby! Here are pictures of our eventful night out on the town.
A family affair!

The boys hanging out on the fence (James, Matthew, and Alex).

The fireworks show was pretty first we were worried about Tyler, but he really enjoyed them and never really got scared...hopefully he won't have nightmares!

Also this week we ventured out to River street for lunch that my mom treated us to. Nothing too exciting except that Tyler was a really good baby. We had a really good time with Grandma A. this week, but now she has to go...until next time. We love you and will miss you!

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The Fromilles said...

I love the pic of you holding Tyler at the b-ball game... he looks so happy! I glad your mom had a good visit.