Sunday, August 05, 2007

Babymoon with a Lobster Theme

Standing by the Big Lobster in Islamorada Key, Fl. There is a curse on this famous picture spot for us, we both lost our camera cases at this spot? I lost my in 2004 and Scott lost his this year 2007, the only 2 times we've taken our picture here?

Anyways, we had a great time again this year. This year I stayed off the boat while Scott played on the boat, fishing and lobster diving. I did make it out on the water for a boat cruise on a 38 ft Cabin Cruiser and also another day to do a little snorkeling. I read the book The Testament by John Grisham, sat by the pool and under the Tiki Huts on the beach and even took a nap under tiki cover during an afternoon rain storm. It was FANTASTIC! These are the newly built docks after a hurricane destroyed them 1-2 years ago. We did make it to a Par 3 Golf course up in Marathon Key, the course took less than a hour for 9 holes, but that was enough for was really hot! On the golf course there were iguana's running back and forth through the fairway, it was really cool! Sorry no pics of the golfing!

Scott says he learned a lot fishing and had a great time keeping busy. We ate well every night with plenty of snacks to go around. The best was the lobster! My favorites are steamed lobster and Lobster Pasta. Thanks to everyone who dove down and tickeled those little creapy things out of their rocks! Scott said he was close snagging one, while just snorkeling!
Doesn't that look good? Just the other day Scott said 1lb of Lobster was $29.99! I'm glad I got my Lobster fill for awhile. Overall it was a really relaxing vacation.



Anonymous said...

You are making grandma and I HUNGRY for lobster! maybe we will go out for some while your here! can't wait to see you!

Love Mom

Danielle said...

Wow, you look TERRIFIC!