Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Life without Internet

For the past 4 days we have had sporadic Internet and life has been tough. No blogging, no emails, no researching burning questions, no craigslist shopping...but we've got a lot done around the house! Scott has completed tiling the bathroom floor and shower (which was very tedious) in our master bathroom. Still has to grout and seal but we are getting there. This is all thanks to my parents providing us with a nice gift card to Home Depot for Christmas (don't worry we've insulated the attic as well!) It's getting so close...also Scott should have the roof over the office completed today with the help of our neighbor. I'm taking care of Tyler in the endless routine of nursing, trying to get him to sleep in his crib and then oh's time to nurse again. My mission has been to organize the closet and our bedroom (we have too many clothes and shoes!) and keeping the house tidy when Tyler is sleeping. So far this nap I have blogged and ironed 4 of Scott's work shirts!
Here are some before and after of the great work Scott has done tiling....look at that shower!
My brother, his fiance, and my dad are arriving in Savannah today. My dad just to visit and my brother and Jenny to stay. So, good thing we have 3 bedrooms and 2 full bathrooms(almost) because it's about to get crowded at our house. We are very excited for them coming and hope they can put up with Tyler for a few months while they look for a house to buy here in Savannah. Jenny is a photographer so she'll be looking for a job at a Photo Studio and Johne got transferred to the PetSmart here in Savannah...and will eventually get his masters in Marine Biology.

More visitors Aunt Chris will be here at the end of the month and my grandma for 11 days in February. We are very excited for everyone to meet Tyler...he is growing so fast! He's only 7 and half weeks old and 15lbs already! He is wearing me out because he loves motion. Yesterday we took a short trip to Target and he cried until I took his car seat carrier and began pumping him up and down...when I'd stop he'd cry again. People were cracking up, but one mom said her child was the same way! Anyways, so much for needing to go to the gym! Here is the latest on swaddling a 15lb lasts 5 minutes.
Sometimes I need a reminder that despite all of Tyler's crying...he loves me!
Tyler has had some recent trips to the Dr. for various things, but all turned out just fine. Praise Jesus and thanks to those that lifted him up in prayer. His next visit is next week for his 2 month visit including 2 vaccinations. :(


Anonymous said...

Finally. I was about going to call and insist you get some new photos up of that baby. And of course, I always love seeing Scott's work. Could he please come and spend 2 weeks at Simple Serenity farm? I have a long list of things he could take care of in no time! I'll babysit.

LoveLladro said...

I can't believe how big he is getting! What a cutie ;~) I am going through the same sleep problems... I can't get Chase to stay more than a couple hours in his crib at night but he sleeps in the bouncy chair for 7 hours... so mommy gets to choose... sleep or crib training ;~) Miss you being up here but your house is looking awesome down there! Scott is a really talented home owner!!!


He's growing so fast and is absolutely precious (Tyler I mean!) I'm impressed with all the work Scott's done! You're lucky - Mike had to have my Dad help with mini-blinds in our house!! Blessings to all of you!