Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Tyler Happenings

We've had a busy week being parents. It has been determined that Tyler has some colic in him...crying for no reason....WAIT! We just found out that his clavicle was broken during delivery. Can you believe it? You can see the calcium build up on the broken bone. (It's his left clavicle, but the right side of this X-Ray).How sad that a newborn entering the world has a broken clavicle while at the same time trying figuring out what this world is all about. With new parents and people constantly holding and juggling him around. OUCH. Anyways, it's pretty sad and I think that is a pretty good reason to cry...I would! So Tyler at this point is pretty much is either sleeping, eating, getting his diaper changed, or crying. Well, we get maybe 2 hours a day where he is in active mode. And that is worth everything! He is now smiling at us and following us with his eyes. He is already over 13 lbs and over 23 inches long! He is definitely into 3-6 month old clothes already! (he is 5 weeks old). He does have the night time routine down...around 11pm it's time to go to bed and he sleeps in his bassinet. Usually a feeding around 2am and another between 5-6am. However he usually doesn't go back to sleep after that. My wonderful husband gets up with him at that time and gives me an hour or two of good solid sleep. Here are some pictures from today and another to compare with the teddy bear.

1-2-07 (~5 weeks old)

12-17-07 (~3 weeks old)

Tyler doesn't really fit very well in the Moses basket...I don't think this would be a safe place for him to take a nap. But we had some fun play time in it tonight! He seemed to enjoy it!This is when Tyler gets finished eating and rolls over in a drunkin state. Chance is feeling a little left out these days and we captured him loving on his little bro.



Oh Wow Guys! I'm so sorry! I sure hope he gets over the colic and the fractured clavicle quickly! He's in my prayers, as are the both of you! Hang in there!

LoveLladro said...

awww, poor Tyler! I am so sorry to hear that! He sure does look healthy though! What a cutie!

mollyfromille said...

Tyler is precious and growing like a bean sprout! I hope he heals up really quick, poor little guy!