Sunday, January 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Scott (Jan. 18th)

We spent Friday evening at Scott's mom's house for a delicious meal and great times with family for Scott's Birthday. Aunt Rose and Uncle John were in town as well! I made the cake, couldn't get the caramel cake (Scott's #1 favorite) recipe off the internet because our internet was down. So, I made his second favorite yellow cake with fudge frosting. It was nice to have my dad, John, and Jenny at the house to help with Tyler so I could get everything done in the kitchen. But I think Scott had a great birthday this year...he walked away with a new driver (I'm expecting scratch golf from now on!), a filet knife (for all those trout he's going to catch off the neighbors dock where the oyster beds are), and a HUGE Home Depot gift card to purchase a shower door for our master bathroom! Tyler also got a new outfit on dad's birthday (Thomas and Friends overalls that he will get to grow into). We all had a great time.
And the shower door was installed tonight with the help of my brother. Great job you guys!

Love you honey, thanks for all you do...Happy Birthday...again!


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LoveLladro said...

Happy Birthday Scott!