Wednesday, November 21, 2007

John-E and Jenny made it to Savannah

My brother and Jenny made it to Savannah. They also surprised us with a HUGE bag of goodies for Tyler...I would list everything out, but they are sleeping in Tyler's room right now. Anyways, I had a rough night last night thinking that our whole house was being gased. I then got scared and was throwing up, but it didn't spawn any contractions...darn it! My mom and Scott stained some stairs and I guess the fumes ended up reaching our bedroom. I was OK in the morning after we aired out the house all night. My mom worked out in the yard all day while my dad played with the chiminea. He later helped Scott install some windows in the guest bedroom. I took my mom to Home Depot to get a new rake (she was working so hard she broke ours) and then we picked up a Honey Baked Ham for tomorrows celebration. I was a little drained/emotional from last night's ordeal that I took a nap in the afternoon. The boys all went golfing again and as soon as they got home John-E and Jenny showed up! We had a great Lasagne Dinner, thanks to a friend that prepared it for us!
Now it's time for bed...Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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