Friday, November 02, 2007

I'm about to POP!

Tyler is officially considered Full Term Today (37 weeks). Even though my due date is still 3 weeks away. At my Dr's. appointment on Wednesday, the ultra sound predicts that he is already 8 pounds! And they say they gain about an ounce a day until born! OUCH! Everything is looking good though, the Dr. informed us that my cervix is still closed, so no action there. We are happy with that, we need him to stay in a few more weeks. I'm hoping for November 20th. Are there any predictions out there??? Go ahead guess the weight too. My guess is 9lbs 4oz.

Here is my 37 week photo. At this point I'm getting the scared concerned faces of those around me saying, "you're about to POP!" Tyler is really sticking out there these days and likes to turn and stick out his bottom near my belly button. His feet and arms are hanging out on my left side (side shown) with his face facing the camera down on my bladder. I am always curious as to how he is laying and the ultra sound tech helped us out. A lot of the time the movement I feel is his knees and when he stretches out is when I feel his feet up in my left ribs.
Well, from here on out it's weekly visits. We'll keep you all updated!


Di said...

Oh boy!!! I was 38 weeks and the doc predicted 8 lbs and so I immediately thought we were having a boy, turns out she's just a solid girl! It wasn't so bad giving birth to a 8lb. 5 oz. baby :) My guess is that Tyler will be born on November 18 and will weigh 8lb. 7 oz. Good luck and keep us posted!

LoveLladro said...

I will take 8lb. 10 oz. You look fantastic Carrie! I am so happy for you guys!

Danielle said...

I'm going for 8lb. 5oz. Any my guess is November 15. Seriously, you look awesome! You're SO close!!

Grandma said...

I really like keeping in touch and I like the comments of your friends, so now decided to use the comments also. (I have been sending direct e mails) I am so glad the friends from Maryland are keeping in touch. I will go for Nov. 15 and 8lb. 10 oz. But anytime will be good.

Molly Fromille said...

I love the nursery! And you are looking fabulous... but definitely about to pop! I am going with 9lb 5oz... a big one! (Hey, I was almost 10lbs at birth!) Due date... eee, I give you 2 weeks... so how about Nov 19th!