Tuesday, November 20, 2007

1 cm...at least now I am.

At our Dr's appointment today the Dr. had a little joke saying, "do you even have a cervix?" WHAT! (for those that don't know, the cervix has to open for the baby to come out!) Anyways, my cervix is still tilted all the way towards my back (and excuse the graphic detail) so he had to dig. Anyways, it was painful but by the end he announced that I am about 1 cm dialated and the cervix is definitely soft. He said he didn't strip any membranes but his poking around may spawn some contractions...we'll see about that. OH...and in my anticipation for the labor to begin I have gained like 5 pounds this week??? OOPS!

In other news, my parents have been put to work and I am so grateful that they're here to help, even though they are acting like I am a slave driver. (I made a volunteer help list, my mom is very motivated to cross off things as we go). Everything looks great. Yesterday my dad painted the hallway leading into our bedroom from start to finish. Primer, trim, color, and both doors!!! It is beautiful. My mom spent the day in the yard cutting down 6-9" wide trees and cleaning up nasty thorny vines and bushes. Luckily we dragged everything to the front before the garbage pick up came and sure enough they exceeded our expectations and picked up the whole pile! It was pretty amazing, but Scott still took a pile to the dump this morning. And there is a lot more to do.

Other things are being checked off the list including this fabric cover for the ironing board.
We continute to wait for the arrival of baby Tyler. But we are having a lot of fun here down in Savannah with 75-80 degree weather...don't you want to come?


LoveLladro said...

wahoo!!! It's starting! I am so excited for you. I can only imagine how ready you are to meet him. I am praying for you guys ;~)

Di said...

yeah!!! great news! can't wait to hear all about little Tyler :)

Anonymous said...

Good idea to put your parents to work -- they're good at it! Could you send Scott up to the farm for about a month? I've got plenty for him to do.
Checking daily to see updates -- give us more. And of course, waiting for the call.
Aunt Carla