Friday, November 23, 2007

Due Date, Thanksgiving, and More Yard Work

Scott says I can't start complaining until 12:01am. I think this stork (pelican) sitting on our piling is holding out on us. Also my belly shot at 40 weeks...where are you Tyler?We had a great Thanksgiving is the family shot taken at our house and a few shots taken at Rob and Amy's where we had an amazing Thanksgiving meal. Today the whole gang was out in the yard on a I didn't round these folks up at the big Keller's Cow, they are my family! The yard looks twice as big and so clean! It really is amazing...even my dad had a reaction!
Anyways, I've tried everything today including a long walk, spicy chicken wings, and soon to have spicy enchilada's (prepared by Jenny). I'm now on the hunt for a jump rope...ummmm. Stay tuned, the arrival of Tyler is imminent!


Abby & Pete said...

your belly is still beautiful! happy late thanksgiving...and he will be here so soon!

Danielle said...

Hang in there and keep us updated! I check daily to see if you're a mommy yet. :-)