Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Single digits. 9 days 'till Due Date

Well, not much going on here, except it's really hard to sleep at night with severe backaches. It is so hard to get comfortable and rolling this 30 pound belly out of bed every hour to go to the bathroom is getting to be really annoying...almost to the point I dread the night time. Is this God preparing me for what is about to come? I look forward to being able to move normally again, but I know at the same time I will really miss being pregnant.

I am officially off of work and trying to force myself to rest/sleep whenever I can. I have been walking 15 minutes a day as well and only doing light housecleaning. I'm really trying to enjoy our last few days alone in the house. Tonight we treated ourselves to our favorite stuffed crust pepperoni pizza from Pizza Hut. IT WAS SO GOOD! Also Scott's mom surprised us with a little trip to the grocery store and brought us some MILK (and Pepsi, fruit, juice, and chocolate)! If I haven't mentioned it before I am now up to more than 2 gallons of milk a week! We were out and I knew I had to go get some tonight, but Scott's mom beat me to it! It was really sweet and came at the most perfect timing. Now I will be able to have my 3 am bowl of cereal!

Here is another belly shot, this time in the nursery. It's going to be a good picture to reflect back on when I am wishing Tyler would just go back in my belly! J/K.

We'll keep y'all updated!


Di said...

Holy moly your belly is huge! But you look fantastic! Hang in there... Tyler will be here before you know it and then time flies again ;)

Anonymous said...

If you're not sleeping well now, don't worry about the a.m. feedings, those 2-3 hours in between will be the best sleep you've had in nine months!

LoveLladro said...

this is probably one of the cutest pregnancy pictures ever!