Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Christmas in Savannah

We were able to celebrate our family Christmas at home in Savannah on Christmas night (we only have video of Tyler getting his basketball hoop from Santa and here are the Refrigerator magnets from us. We also had a few extra gifts from Santa for all of us. Scott and I got to enjoy the excitement of opening 2-3 gifts each from Santa. Scott and I both got a book, a weather stick, a ceramic dip bowl, and Tyler got a new outfit, a ceramic molding kit, and a stuffed camel and even Chance got some Friskies Steak Dinner! On the 26th we headed to Scott's parents to exchange gifts (before dinner) and then a fantastic Turkey dinner. It was good to be with another loving family. Tyler got many new toys and outfits. It was a little overwhelming opening the gifts for Tyler and for myself...don't get me wrong, it was fun...but easy to loose track who they were all from. Our family was definitely blessed this year.

I don't know what happened in Des Moines as far as family pictures go...but we didn't get one. BUT we did in Savannah.

Scott's camera alows him to take 3 pictures in a row on timer. He didn't quite make the first one...and here is the result...him flying through the air. I think it's pretty funny.


Saturday night we got together with Johne and Jenny and her mom, dad, and brother who were visiting for Christmas since Jenny's work didn't let her have any holiday time off this year. They weren't able to go to Des Moines for Christmas but we did...how ironic is that?

Jenny gave us our first gift from Tyler...it was a clay hand print that she helped him do one day when she was babysitting him. It was really sweet and my favorite gift this year!

This year had a basketball theme for Tyler...he got a mini Leap Frog counting and letters basketball hoop from Santa in Iowa and then a real basketball hoop from Santa in Savannah and then this bathtime basketball hoop from Aunt Jenny and Uncle John-e.



Sounds like you guys had a great Christmas!

Johnnie Avocado said...

Oh my goodness.....where did Scott get that stocking? My Grandmother knitted that exact same stocking for me. I thought it was one of a kind...