Saturday, December 20, 2008

It's COLD here!

This is Tyler's first experience actually playing in snow and he is with Grandma and our 15 year old dog, Max. She even attempts to make a Tyler Snow Angel. I think he is thinking, "What are you doing to me? Get me back inside!"

We are having a great time here, today I went to the Drake vs. Iowa men's basketball game with my mom. It was an exciting game as Drake won 60-43. My grandma and cousin, Perri babysat Tyler while Scott and my dad lounged around home all day. The temp dropped 10 degrees and the wind picked up 20mph while we were inside during the game. We are under a wind chill advisory. We are definitely getting a change of season from sunny mild temp Savannah to wintery COLD Iowa! It really makes it feel like Christmas time though!

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OK.... that could be considered abuse LOL!

I'm NOT looking forward to our drive to Bryan, OH next week that's for sure!! They had an ice storm and have been without power for 2 days. It's in the 60's here..... those of us who leave the sunshine and go to the cold must really love our families.... or be really nuts!