Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Christmas Tree...DONE

Tonight I spotted our Charlie Brown Christmas tree from the road and bet Scott that it would only be $$20. It ended up being $28.95 plus tax...but when I told the guy I bet my husband that it would only be $20 he gave it to me for $25 including tax! YIPEE! I just love getting a deal.

So here it is...sitting on top of the table....with 3 strands of WHITE lights and pretty much all the ornaments we own...except the gold balls...we only used the silver. This will be our last year (for a while) with a real tree. We are going to get a "deal" on a faux tree after the holidays. Mainly because we we only be here for Christmas every other year and with little ones running around I thought it might be easier to keep clean, put up and take down. But who knows what next year will bring???

I got to make every decision this year and not a word of protest from Scott (aka he was "under" on the decorating this year).

And then the fireplace mantel with the nativity scenes, the wooden one passed down from my grandma and of course last years family Christmas picture!

This picture shows the beautiful christmas boxes that are nice and decorative...whenever I try to give one away as a present, Scott gets really stingy and wants to keep them!

Anyways, we enjoyed some sparkling wine, Christmas music, and William Sonoma hot chocolate.

It's Christmas the city!

PS-this might be a record as far as how early we got the tree up...last year may have been close because my mom was here to help. We leave Dec. 17th for Iowa and are staying until Christmas day. THEN having Christmas in Savannah on the 26th.

Love to all!



It looks good! Very smart to do a table top tree with a toddler. Devin knocked ours over when he was about 7 months old!

Seth & Victoria said...

The tree and decorations look really nice! I like the real tree. We have a faux one and I love it, but we might try a real tree next year (for Seth). And, you already have presents under the tree! Man, you guys are on top of things.