Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Off to Iowa for Christmas

I can't believe we are leaving 70 degree weather to go to 9 degree weather and a snow storm in IOWA. We must really love our family there...and Scott must really love me! However, we will miss everyone here in Savannah for the Christmas Eve celebration.

Here is a preview of Aunt Jenny's Christmas photo shoot...photo in place of card of Tyler are mailed. Very simple this year...so no expectations.
Christmas with Tyler will be exciting. I think Tyler will have a more interesting Christmas, having fun opening new toys and walking around...and he may even get to play in snow. We've really enjoyed listening/reading/singing to Little Town of Bethleham book that Tyler received for his birthday. When you open the book stars light up to the tune of Little Town of Bethleham...mommy tries to sing it...it's a little rough but Tyler likes it! It will be going on the plane with us, so I'm sure everyone else will enjoy it too...except I won't be singing...maybe someone else will!!!!
I'm sure there will be plenty of updates from the Iowa homefront. stay tuned.
Please pray for safe and uneventful travel and for us traveling with a newly walking 1 year old!

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Oh Wow! Are you driving? We will certainly say prayers for safe travel for you, Scott, and Tyler!

Merry Christmas!