Friday, October 17, 2008

Grandma water skiing

It's Friday night, we just had a wonderful meal of good o'l fashioned Iowa Steak and Potatoes at JJ's. It was really good and to top it off my grandma made us her famous pumpkin pie. I eat mine with lots of cool whip, how do you eat yours?

Anyways, earlier today on the agenda was either River Street or boat ride. Since today is supposed to be the last warm day of the season (86 degrees) we decided to take a boat ride. And look who decides to jump in the slightly chilly water? My mom! She went in very confident that she could do it and she did! She was up on the first attempt! Here is the video to prove it!

We have a slight issue with the boat with some possible water in the gas causing it to sputter out...but it's still pretty fun! My mom's arms and legs were like jelly coming into the boat. I think she'll be sore tomorrow!

Oh, and we also found a great deal on a small, starter Phantom Sail Boat...this should be interesting!! We don't have the sail up or anything yet, but it will look something like this? We have a lot of learning to do...but it will be fun!



Seriously! Skiing today!! It was 54 and rainy here... unseasonably cold! Ughh. Glad you're enjoying your family. Can't wait to see you guys next month!

LoveLladro said...

I love that your mom got up there... she's got more nerve than I! You look great BTW!