Thursday, October 16, 2008

Treasure Hunt

Last week I had the pleasure of helping plan a treasure hunt for my neighbors son, Alex (who turned 9)...and we learned a few things:
1. Tips for preparing Treasure Hunts: ALL clues must go in sandwich baggies in case it rains: it did rain...HARD right as the boys started the hunt, however I only placed the clues that were outside in baggies. The instructions were to KEEP every clue or else you won't know where the treasure is...impossible! As soon as the kids figured out the clue they THREW the clue on the ground and sprinted for the next spot.

2. Slumber parties need to be from 5pm-11am NOT 3pm-3pm!

I came up with one of the clues:

Your neighbor at #6
Has things he likes to fix
This ski is purple and pink
Put it in the water, it just might sink.

It was really fun...and I can tell we'll have fun times ahead with Tyler.

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