Thursday, October 02, 2008

Clapping and dancing

Tyler finally put his hands together and started clapping on Monday (9-29). He is changing and learning so much everyday. It's amazing how much they learn in just 1 year. He even knows what the remote to the TV does and points it to the TV. So cute! He's saying mama and dada, when I ask him to say mama he gives me a HUGE air kiss. He loves walking around the living room in his walker (that I got from down the street). Scott says that he has also found his rhythm, he is bobbing his head side to side to music. It is really a kick! I really don't think this kid can get any cuter! We attempted some family pictures last week, but I wasn't happy with his too small 18 month old polo I bought him that day(I think it was a size mistake). I think we're going to have re-do next week. It's nice having a photographer in the family...I hope I don't wear her out though! So maybe you'll have them in the next few weeks
Tyler has 3 teeth coming in. The top 2 teeth and 1 bottom tooth. He seems to be handling it well...I think I'm spoiling him feeding him twice a night. So I think we'll have to address that situation this weekend and let him cry it out again. It's just hard thinking that he is in pain. It would be really nice though to get 8 hours of straight sleep. Wish us luck.
Here is a multi video of Tyler. He is dancing, clapping, and his favorite thing opening and shutting doors? Enjoy!



He's too cute! I seriously cannot wait to see him in person!

The Townleys said...

Carrie, SO CUTE! Love the music! Just as a side note, we found that using the blogger video upload works quicker than youtube- and people with lower bandwidth can see it.

Greg and Elisa said...

You have such a beautiful child!