Sunday, September 28, 2008

Uncle Doug

We had a wonderful evening Thursday Sept 25th celebrating Tyler's Uncle Doug's 30th Birthday. Sadley Doug wasn't with us, he was killed by a drunk driver in Sept. 2002 (being that Sept is his birthday month and the month he was killed makes it a really tough month for our family). Anyways, we had a night of reminiscing and watching old video's. Although I never met Doug, Scott's family keeps him alive in my heart with many great memories. Some of Scott's memories that he's shared with me include playing drums while Doug led worship, going mudding in the jeep and Doug getting scared and running home, and Doug always wanting Burger's for dinner and his mom serving up hamburgers when Doug really wanted Burger's "the candy" Store for dinner. One video we watched was Doug driving to the property where our church, Savannah Christian's main campus is at today. It was neat hearing his voice and how much he was in love with Jesus. He wanted to know if the drivers next to him were Christians and you can tell he was praying for them at the same time and wanting them to have the same relationship he had with Jesus. Scott's parents still have a website for remembering Doug. As I visit this site I can feel the love he had for everyone and how much he wanted everyone to feel the love he felt for Jesus and more importantly be saved. Here is a special picture of Doug leading Worship and Scott playing the drums behind him.Then today at church they did Cardboard Testimonies. Scott's parents held up signs with one side saying Son Killed by a Drunk Driver, Rob, Scott and I held up signs saying Brother/Brother-in-law Killed by a Drunk Driver. After we stood up on stage showing that side of the sign, we turned it over and it said Family now Closer to God than Ever. It is so true. Scott's family and their example of what Christian life is about brought me to Jesus, them remembering Doug and hearing about his passion for Christ played a HUGE role in my being saved. My life has done a 180 and I am more happy now than I ever could have imagined. I pray that Tyler will be the way Doug was, always seeking the Lord and not giving in to the ways of the world. An example in a bible study book I'm doing called Power of a Praying Parent reminds me of what I picture Doug was like. The example is of a boy in high school who is good at everything, sports, school, and was popular but there was also something different about him. (directly from the book) "His words and his actions reflected his deep respect for God and His laws." Never laughing at off color jokes, he didn't smoke or drink, or curse. When I read it I thought of what Doug may have been like and in the back of my mind thought that I wished I was that way not only in high school, but even now. I still struggle with giving into the ways of the world acting like it's no big deal, but I know that it is a big deal to God. The book uses this Scripture, "Let no one despise your youth, but be an example to the believers in word, in conduct, in love, in spirit, in faith, in purity" (1Timothy 4:12) I hope Tyler will be that way and surround himself with people that are bold in their faith and love the Lord. I miss Doug like I knew him, and I am looking forward to finally meeting him one day in Heaven!Last Thursday night we were able to snap a few shots of all the cousins sitting together...this is the best one of them at least looking up, although not at the camera. It is very exhausting taking pictures of little boys! From the left it's James (5), Matthew (7) holding Tyler and Andrew (3 in Nov.). I see lots of fun times ahead as Tyler grows up and gets to play with his cousins.



Doug was a very sweet kid. I remember days at the lake like it were yesterday. It was so hard for me to believe that Doug was gone when I heard of the accident. How blessed those who knew him were.

Abby & Pete said...

hey, you cut me out of that top picture!! glad you guys did that...he would have LOVED you. because you adore his brother.

Abby & Pete said...

I know you didn't do it on purpose :) just kidding with you.

Anonymous said...

We all loved Doug very much. I miss him.
Love Aunt Wilma and family