Thursday, September 04, 2008

9 Month Check-up

Tyler is growing and sitting on his new push toy (bought it for $7.50 at Once upon a Child)!

Height= 30 inches (92 percentile)
Weight= 24.6lbs (92 percentile)
No teeth yet, and as you can see on the video he is cruisin' along the couch and coffee tables trying to get into anything that is NOT his toy. He also giving air kisses on demand. Very cute! He loves going on errands with me and being pushed around the grocey store. He is the biggest flirt in the store! However he did have a little stranger anxiety with Dr. Stone yesterday and screamed the whole time he was in the room. But as soon as the nurse came he was all smiles again (at lease until she gave him his shot).

We both have a little cold right now...I'm learning how to suction the gunk out of his nose...he HATES it....but I know in the end I am helping him. He did sleep a lot better last night. I only had to go in and reinsert paci and pat him twice. Once at 1am and again at 3am...then he slept until 7am! I was even up at 6am and was able to do my bible study!

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Those kisses are too cute!