Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Guests with guest bedroom

Saturday night my mom and grandma arrived after driving 1200 miles from Des Moines, IA. They delivered a pool table to my brother's house in my dad's truck. Can you imagine? Two grandma's driving a pick up truck down the interstate with a pool table in the back? Anyways, my grandma had a step stool to get in and out of the truck. Since they've been here...we really haven't stopped. Grandma stayed at our house for 3 nights and then will transfer her stuff to JJ's and my mom will stay here (and thye both have their own room and each of our houses!). This is so fun!

Sunday: Church, lunch, mall, chipped beef gravy for dinner at JJ's (Johne and Jenny's).

Monday: Make week's schedule, which includes Carrie and Grandma sleeping in on Friday!! YIPPEE!! Tybee Beach-VERY windy but really nice, Lasagna dinner at our house, mom and grandma helped me make Waldorf fruit salad and an impossible Bisquick pie for me to bring to MOPS. Tuesday: I went to MOPS and my mom and grandma babysat Tyler, trip to Tuesday Morning, and then everyone had my grandma's meatloaf and apple pie for dinner at JJ's! I was at my bible study, so they saved the smallest piece of meatloaf and a little au gratin potatoes...they were hoarding the leftovers!
Johne setting up his pool table...Thanks DAD! FREE pool at JJ's!

Wednesday/Today: Aquarium at Skidaway Marine Institute, homemade pizza at our house with Scott's parents, Andrew, and not Jenny or Scott.

Thursday: My grandma will watch me play tennis, Mom and Jenny babysit Tyler and take Halloween pictures of Tyler in his lion costume, mom and Jenny shopping for house warming gifts, and all of us going to Greek Festival in downtown Savannah.

Friday: Day on River Street, and cookout at JJ's.

Saturday: mom and grandma leave.

WOW the week is only halfway over and I'm exhausted, oh did I mention that Tyler has been sick this whole time? He has a cold, cough, croup, possible ear infection or just stuffed up, upset stomach, won't eat, AND getting 2 more teeth to add to his 4 that came in the last 2 weeks! AHHHHH...but for the most part in a pretty good disposition. A little fussy tonight...but it turned out he just wanted to go to sleep.

I have to find some pictures....more later! We're playing Debate Bingo thanks to Jessica...and it's our house vs JJ's. I have all the wrong words...where is this debate going...there has been a lot of wasted time.

Grandma, Tyler and Me walking down the Tybee Pier.

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LoveLladro said...

Gotta love the debate bingo... made it so much more fun for me!