Monday, November 24, 2008

First Birthday Party Successful!

The Table: baby book, photo albums, 1 year old picture, and 11-25-07 Newspaper.
Where to begin? I have truly enjoyed this process of getting ready for the party! I planned the party (games, menu, invitees...etc) a month in advance, sent invitations, was on the hunt for party favors, cake ideas, decorations purchased, honey do list written (which we didn't start until last week and things kept getting added to it), games were set up, groceries, mom showed up to help decorate! In the end the house looked amazing, the perfect amount of people came, the food was perfect, Tyler was SO HAPPY, his friends had fun, adults played Pin the tail on the Lion and guessed Tyler's current weight and height, prize basket passed around, and of course the gifts were so generous and wonderful. I truly believe everyone that was there...was glad they came. I love that my friends without kids came just because they love Tyler so much, and my new friends with kids came and had a blast and were complementary on the party (I had a few parties to get ideas this summer/fall!).

The itinerary (from Scott of course) explains it all and video and pictures will follow! I hope you enjoy a snipit of the day we all enjoyed so much!

Welcome to the 1stBirthday for future President: Tyler Scott Shippy

Happy Birthday Day Agenda menu
Early bird starters:
• Roasted Baby Tyler in his Lion Halloween Madness outfit served over farm fresh home grown Pine Straw and Yard Leaves...
(Pin the Tail and WIN a prize)
Tyler Turkey Surprise:
• Today’s 1st feature-
o Born 11-25-07 at just 9lbs. 9.2oz..
Topped with 12 months of Gerber, Oatmeal, and cereal. Can you guess todays weight and height???
• Today’s 2nd feature-
o introducing:
The first ever dungeon of Balls. Since BALL has been declared Tyler’s first and currently only word.

Dinner de Tyler:
One Lyon Cake and Tyler encrusted Chocolate Chip Cookies
This specialty with 8 Tyler created spices Topped with Tyler mule hand milked
sour cream Frosting and spiced with Tyler field Chocolate Chips.

Dangerous Tasks to Complete in the Jungle of Tyler before you leave:
• 2pm to 2:15 View Baby Video
• 2pm to 2:50 Kids in Ball Pit
• 2:20 to 2:50 Pin the Tail/ GuessWeight
• 3:00 to 3:30 Cake/ Ice-cream
• 3:30 to 3:45 Award Ceremony
*Please leave your customer satisfaction card with management

At first he didn't like the cake...but all he wanted was a spoon!



(a very tired mom after slaving all night in the kitchen!)

Tyler in the tunnel.



How fun! Sorry we missed it!!!

Anonymous said...

Carrie & Scott,
Wonderful photos and fun sounding party. You two are the best for Tyler!

Anonymous said...

I loved the pictures. You did a great job.
Love,Aunt Wilma

LoveLladro said...

Now that is a party! It sounds like you had a great time planning and partying! Oh and that picture of him with the hood on??? OH.MY.LORD! So cute... it looks like a gap ad or something! Love those bright blue eyes!

The Townleys said...

Happy First Birthday Tyler! Sorry I've been MIA, I hope you guys had a great day, Carrie. Being a mom truly is awesome. We can't wait to see you guys!!!