Thursday, November 06, 2008


We did it! Scott and I both caught 1...we had several others...but either they stole our shrimp and got away or they were too little. Nevertheless, We can have dinner tonight...YIPEE! Nothing like fresh trout right off our's only taken 2 years (minus one small instance where Scott caught 1 and we shared it for dinner)! Fishing is a science though...I caught myself yanking the hook right out of their mouths trying to hook them...poor fish now have injuries because my poor fishing skills...sure wish we could have eaten it for dinner though! We're getting better. It's a beautiful day here in Savannah! Sunny and 76!

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OK - Mike's officially crying (well.. not really, but he let out an "ohhhhh man, I'm supposed to be catching those with Scott this weekend!). Hope it was tasty!!