Monday, October 04, 2010


Tyler dressed Myla up in Beiber Fever bracelets. He thought it was really funny.

We got down the exersaucer for Myla to play in...I was surprised at how well she stood up in it. She doesn't like standing much.

Big brother Tyler teaching her all the toys.
Tyler when he was 4 months old in it! (you can definitely see the difference in skin tone between Myla and Tyler!)
Myla is probably teething. She is congested with clear fluid, a little more fussy, and restless sleep last night...up every 2 hours. It seems early to me...Tyler didn't break his first tooth until 10 months. But I do remember thinking he was teething for quite some time. We'll see.

The weather is turning beautiful here in Savannah, which means the sand gnats will be out again :(. But the outdoors is pleasant. Tyler still loves going to the dock, riding his bike, and we are working on the whining bit. He learned to use the cheese cutter out. It was precious watching him carve me pieces of cheese to put on my crackers.

Yesterday was a lazy Sunday and during naptime I let Myla sleep on the couch with me while I read a book. In the last week I finished 2 N. Sparks books, Dear John and The Choice. I love escaping into the life of these characters and usually need a few days to mourn the end of the book. Anyways, Myla was awake lying in between my legs on the couch just watching the trees sway back and forth outside. She slowly closed her eyes and drifted off to a peaceful sleep. It was the sweetest thing I've seen in awhile. Another unforgettable moment in motherhood.

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