Monday, October 18, 2010

My beautiful babies.

Brother and Sister...AWWWW. Tyler still asks to hold Myla, but now he says too BIG!

Myla was having trouble sleeping for her I put her under this play gym and continued working on my thing I look over and she is OUT!

Gotta love the Bumbo. Not too much longer will those chubby legs fit. It's quite a hassle getting her out!

Tyler sometimes reverts back and wants to play with his old toys.

And look who found her toes? I think it is so cute to see babies do this. Look how flexible they are. Here is Tyler in the same pose....awww...
You can't tell they are brother and sister can you?

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Jessi said...

Noooo... they're brother and sister? Seriously, they look so much alike it's adorable!