Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tyler Rides a REAL bike

Cousin Andrew grew too big for his bike and let Tyler have it. He LOVES it and wants to go on a bike ride about as often as he wants to go to the dock! Thanks so much Uncle Rob and Aunt Amy for being so generous with all of the hand me downs. We are so grateful! Scott has a video that is so cute of him riding around our little island...just can't get it off his phone...
Can you guess why Tyler is eating Green Eggs and Ham?

Myla is still toothless....but she LOVES chewing on ice cubes and is still having restless sleep. Mommy is tired and my baby girl is in pain. I think both bottom ones are trying to come up at the same time. Hopefully they will break through soon and give her some rest.

Family boat ride to Hunter Park for Tyler to play. We caught this sunset on the way back. Myla seems to enjoy the boat rides.

Tyler has been having fun with Daddy on the dock and on the boat. First mate Tyler. and Captain Scott.
We got back from our family boat ride and they had something on their pole...ewww a gar!

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