Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Myla is 5 months!!!Tyler is Potty Trained!!!

Tyler's first prize for peeing 6 times in the potty and pooping didn't last long. Who knew they can't live in brackish water? The next prize was popcorn and a slushy at Target. Then a Big Ball...but no one is selling them anymore??? and tonight he gets a new small adult fishing mommy's. He is very excited. The next chart is going to be a little longer and tougher to get these prizes....then I have to figure out how to wean him from the reward system!
Tyler likes peeing on his potty best....but has gone both pee and poop in Big Lots! He was trained in 5 days...and has had only 1 accident since then! He said he watered the trees outside but didn't pull down his pants! Anyways, Scott and I are beside ourselves! We are so proud of him. However, now we are encountering the never ending excuses as to why he won't go to sleep at night. And he is getting out of his bed and sneaking around the house to find us. The other night he didn't finally go to bed until 11pm...after the 3 poops in the potty! Hopefully this will get better because Scott and I are getting rather frustrated...but at the same time he's so cute.....ugh!
Myla is growing so fast. She is such a sweet baby. Her sleeping habits are the greatest anymore. I guess I had it too good for those 2 months. Her teeth haven't poked through yet...but I can still see them. She has started eating rice cereal and today she had oatmeal for the first time. She is eating that better each day. She is so sweet for everyone in the church and MOPS nursery...such a change from our experience with Tyler. But now Tyler is so excited to go to his class at church! Speaking of...he's about to get a spanking...because he keeps yelling from his nap...he's been in there an hour and no nap yet....he will sleep!!!!! I think I will ignore him.

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