Sunday, September 19, 2010

Happy 4 Month Myla

Look at her point those toes and stretch that leg out! You can also see she's grabbing at things now, as she pulls up her lovey to know what...and into her MOUTH. Everything is going into her mouth these days and I'm having to change her outfit 3-4 times a day because of all that drool!

I know...I can't believe's been 1 month since I posted! Myla is 4 months old already...I didn't even have a September folder opened yet before I put these growth lovey pictures in it today! Time is really flying by...I wonder when I'll stop saying that...I don't think ever because I still here our parents saying it!

Routine is good here...except the fact that Myla only take 30-45 minute cat naps during the day...but hey...she sleeps ALL night regularly. 9pm-7, 8, sometimes 9am! That is a good feeling!

She is really smiling and talking a lot! She has giggled a few times and actually Tyler got her to giggle for the first time! And Tyler witnessed her first roll over all by herself from her back to her stomach. (Tyler's first roll over was from stomach to back at exactly 4 months old). Her 4 month check up will be Tuesday so I will have to update the weight/length percentiles, but I'm pretty sure she has surpassed Tyler by this age. You think a girl would be nice a dainty...not ours :). She is really beautiful though and her features remind me so much of Tyler...except the skin tone. We are still breastfeeding and are waiting to start cereal a little longer than we started with Tyler...why not..she is getting plenty...we will see what the Dr. says Tuesday.

She's had a few accidents...or maybe I should say we have :(. She did roll off the couch while I was in the kitchen...poor baby. She cried for 11 seconds and then was fine...I mainly feel bad because she was swaddled so nothing to break the fall. And then just yesterday Scott ejected her out of the car seat on accident when the lift handle got stuck in all her hang down toys. She fell smack on her face...luckily on the rug over the tile entry way. Scott felt so bad....but really there wasn't even a mark by the time I got home. And of course Tyler has wapped her a few times but all out of hyperness. He really loves her. We here him talking to her like we talk to her..."Myla just go to sleep" and "Good burp Myla!"

We spend every morning out on the dock with Tyler, so he can get his "fix" for the day. It is quite entertaining watching Tyler copy all of Scott's mannerisms out on the dock. He casts out, puts his pole against the side and says, "wait for it". He always says, "gonna catch a BIG fish." He tells me "good cast mom." Whenever he catches anything...usually seaweed or a stick...he gets very excited and wants me to pull it off for him. Today he actually caught an EEL...which he called a BIG WOM.

Other news, we are starting to get a good church/small group routine. We go to service Sat nights and then HomeBuilders small group Sunday morning at the church to utilize the child care...and then the kids and I are going to Wednesday night service while Scott works late or does whatever for his time. It's been really great and Tyler seems to be enjoying his new 2 year old class called Caboose. Otherwise I am just enjoying my time home with the kids even though it is quite exhausting, no more naps for me with Myla staying awake more, but I get some down time without Tyler running around from about 2-4ish.

Here are some of Myla's 3 month pictures taken by Aunt Jenny.

Time for sleep now.
Love to all!

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