Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Belly Pics...comparison

Belly at 37 weeks with Tyler.
Belly at 36 weeks with Myla. (looks to me like I was a little bit bigger with Tyler, but pretty much the same shape). My father-in-law says that when this baby comes out a boy, he is going to have lots of pink things to wear. He is still not convinced that Myla is a girl.
Next week I have an ultrasound to check on Myla and how much she's estimated to weigh. I am scheduled for induction on May 18th...and will probably have her on May 19th. I am praying that she will not be as big as Tyler was and that she will start the labor process on her own. My mom will be headed down here on the 14/15th and will stay with us for a week or so after she is born. I have been doing my best to rest as much as I can and taking naps with Tyler. I am enjoying my time with Tyler but feel bad when I can't do all the things he wants me to like pick him up and play outside with him. I can't keep up with him on his big wheel and I can't chase tennis balls with him anymore. He is still really sweet to the baby in my belly and sometimes when she hurts me moving around really low in my pelvic area...he says come out baby...baby hurt? Tonight I was putting lotion on him after his bath and he asked to put lotion on the baby and rubbed his little tiny hands all over my belly putting lotion on the baby. I think he is going to be such a sweet big brother.
I can't believe in only 3 weeks I will meet her...at the same time I want the time to go slow and be very restful.

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