Thursday, April 15, 2010

Myla's room progress

Dear Myla,
Aunt Jenny came over to help me put together your dresser/changing table today.
Daddy and I put together the night stand together one night. Grandma A got you your quilt. A friend of Aunt Amy's gave us the crib. Aunts Carla, Debbie, Chris, Karen, and cousin Perry all got you the rest of the bedding set...bumber, crib sheet, and crib skirt...(hope to be put together and pictured soon). We got the night stand and dresser from Uncle Rob and Aunt Amy's store. And Grandma S. got you the awesome lamp!
This is the finished product of the dresser Aunt Jenny and I put together.
Daddy hung up one curtain rod/curtain and another friend of mommy's came over today and helped hang the other curtain rod. I really love your room and I hope you do too.


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