Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Kitchen Project

My dad came down to Savannah with a mission...to help us with the kitchen and that's what he did! The pantry is GONE! I'm happy, but also wonder how long it will be before I get a functioning kitchen again. We are only hoping to do Phase 1 (meaning...no new cabinets) but new floor (do ourselves), paint, and arrange kitchen to be what it is going to be once we get cabinets and new countertops. I'm hoping to get everything back in the cabinets and out of the living room tonight.
We are having a blast with my dad here in town, we are putting him to work with trim at Johne's and the kitchen at our house. They did go golfing on Saturday! Otherwise just hanging out. I think he is a little hesitant on going back to -2 below Iowa weather. But you know how it is...you have to go back home sometime!

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