Monday, February 01, 2010

Kitchen Progress...Phase 1

Many things were done this weekend for our kitchen project while Tyler and I hung out with Grandma and Grandpa all weekend...staying out of the mess and out of the way. Friday night Scott removed everything from the kitchen and after a long days work Johne came over at 10pm to help remove the 1952 Beauty Queen Porcelain sink! VIDEO.

Saturday morning Scott continued to remove the tile and plywood from the floor to get ready to tile. We decided on the faux travertine that we have in our bathroom...I love it because it looks clean when it's clean and clean when it's dirty...he he.
Saturday our neighbor Dennis came over to inspect the progress and encouraged Scott to use some of the beautiful solid 1inch thick floor to replace the the hole in the living room where the oil burning furnace used to be. Then when Scott said there is no way I could do it...he offered to do it! He spent all day removing floor from the kitchen and around the patch in the living room. The result was quite amazing and we are speechless really!! We are so grateful for his talent and wiliness to use his whole Saturday to help in our little project! Johne and Scott continued to get the floor ready to tile. There was a lot of water damage where the sink was so they had to replace some of that floor and other patches where the pantry wall used to be. Sunday morning tile, mortar, and spacers were purchased and the first tile was laid! Scott discovered these new spacers that space perfectly AND level the tiles! Scott and Johne worked all day Sunday and tiled the whole floor. We had some debate as whether to tile the whole space or leave some of the hardwood showing in the dining table area. We are happy so far with the decision to tile everything and make it all one surface. It makes the kitchen look like a big spacious kitchen, then again there are no cabinets or appliance in there yet.
Next on the list is to Grout, set the electrical, drywall patch, paint, wall oven cabinet, dishwasher installed, new sink base and sink hooked up (still have to figure out the how and what), refrigerator and pantry back in the kitchen. The rest will have to wait piece by piece as it comes...especially the tough and expensive decision on coutertops.
All in all I am very excited and have lots of HOPE that it will be close to complete before Myla comes in May! Some say I'm nesting already...well, there is a lot on my list...still need to paint and do Myla's room, I'd like to re-do Tyler's room AND get the living room painted. We need to replace the big windows in Tyler's room and the Living room too. So much to do. I guess I will have to be patient, we've only been living here for 3 years now...I could wait on a few of those things for another 3 years....I guess!



It really looks great, Carrie! He's doing a fabulous job!

Anonymous said...

Ah ha!! We finally hear for the first time what our new little niece's name will me. MYLA!! I LOVE IT!! Gee, the flooring looks pretty close to our kitchen. Love it also. I see you decided to stagger the tile like we did. It really gives the flooring a totally different look!! Love it!! Love it!! So proud of all the work that you are doing....Unk Jeff and Auntie Cris