Monday, February 22, 2010

More Progress on Kitchen

Johne came over today on his day off to help Scott with the opening and installing the header...needed to keep the roof up! He pretty much worked all day by himself getting ready before Scott could break free from work. Then they knocked it out from 5-9pm. It looks so great. I'm so thankful Scott has such a vision for things. Also, the electrician has started on the electrical and it should be done tomorrow. The pictures are a little messy, but thought I'd pass along the progress.
Tyler and I spent the afternoon at Johne's house and Tyler took a nap on a big boy bed! My little man is growing up! We then spent the rest of the night at the grocery stores...yes, I go to 2 grocery stores to help save on certain on-sale items! Tyler was such a trooper and we had a good time...the space jam tape is on constant repeat...yes, I said cassette tape and repeat...which means I rewind the song over and over again. I think he's trying to memorize the words. He dances to the beat, and mumbles and talks to himself throughout the song. Everybody get up, it's time to space jam...get your chance, do your dance at the space jam...alright! His terrible 2's really come out if I try to turn the volume down or eject the tape. He also tells me the moves he wants me to dance...such as "get low mommy" or "raise the roof" It is quite cute, until he screams for more.

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The Townleys said...

Carrie, I FINALLY caught up on your blog- I need to re-ad you to my page so I can see when you update. I LOVE the name Myla- so exciting for you guys! How are you feeling? Little girls are THE BEST! You guys are going to love it!