Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Myla's Room...and update.

There has been another change of plans for Myla's room. It's kind of fun having so many options! I found this last night online and love it...still debating on the cost of it all...but this is definitely in the front running for now.

Other life events:

The kitchen is functional but an unorganized mess...we are on hold for another week it looks like while Scott finishes up another project. I'm not stressed...yet. We still have 12 weeks to go before Myla gets least I hope she stays in my belly for that long! The kitchen needs drywall, paint, cabinets, appliances installed and of course counter tops. Then Myla's room painted, the hallway and living room painted, and hopefully we'll get Tyler's room re-painted as well...all before May 25th!

We did this the last time I was 28 weeks pregnant when we started the Carport Project...turning it into our master bedroom/bath/office area. We are just the type of people that need a little time motivation!

We still need prayer and guidance on our Annapolis, MD property. We had some renters that left us with a mess. It's on the market, but probably will result in a short sale. It would be such a blessing to get that situation out of our lives before Myla is born!

More later...

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