Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Great Grandma is here...and she brought snow!

My grandma made it down to visit last week, she was stuck in Des Moines one extra day because of snow and wind in Iowa and Chicago. Everything worked out though and the airline gave her an extra day in Savannah. She will be here until Friday and we are really having a great time, and I'm definitely keeping her busy (and Tyler too!) She's already babysat for me 2-3 times now as I went to the dentist, took Chance to the vet, and a doctor's appointment. I think Tyler is really getting used to having her around and always asks, "where she go?" when she leaves the room. I sent the itinerary to her before she left and we've pretty much stuck to it. We have wiggled around Johne and Jenny's schedule to fit in dinners and time together. Grandma cooked us all a lovely dinner of meatloaf, au gratin potato's, and corn Friday night. Savannah was also getting excited about having SNOW for the first time since 1986! Grandma, however, was grumbling for hours, not wanting to look outside. Too bad though because we had to drive home in it. We stopped at the movies to get tickets for the next night and the people at the theater had just gotten out of their movie and were just going crazy taking pictures and loving the sight of snow! Grandma was still grumbling. It didn't last long and did not stick. The next morning the evidence was pretty much gone. Saturday night Johne and Grandma watched Tyler while Scott and I enjoyed a Valentine's Date night, dinner and a movie (a gift from Grandma). Sunday we spent the whole day at church it seemed, bible study with the pastor's wife, service, and then small group that night. Scott took off yesterday to go to Michigan for his cousin's funeral, he died of cancer last week, so grandma is staying with me a few extra days and then with JJ the rest of the week. We went to story time today and have been to soft play a few times to help tire Tyler out. She got some pictures developed today at Jenny's store. We've both enjoyed quite nap times and grandma spent the afternoon with Jenny yesterday looking and thinking about garden stuff for their yard. Johne has tomorrow and Friday off and Jenny has Thursday off...so it's good timing for grandma to move out of our house into their house for a few nights. The days go fast and it's so nice having the extra hands and eyes around the house to help with Tyler and all my crazy nesting projects for the past week. So far I've cleaned out all of Tyler's old clothes, blankets, and some stuffed animals, sold the rocker and his old crib bedding set...all going towards the purchase of Myla's new bedding! I've obviously changed my color selection for the nursery...uh um...Amy. Amy gave me quite the lecture on how her niece was not going to have a red wagon boyish room. Who knew red was for boys??? Anyways, after pages and pages of crib bedding this caught my eye. It's light and fresh, some pink and lots of white...and it's all handmade. It's not official yet, but I think the plans are in the work to get this ordered from the company that makes it through Rob and Amy's store. Still trying to figure out and color for the walls....any suggestions? Anyways, I've given most of the clothes to friends that have boys or going to have a boy. I'm trying to sell a few other things and if not...knowing that they are out of the house is a great feeling. Today and tomorrow I'm going to work on donating old books to the library and organizing old pictures and keepsakes (it's so hard to know what to keep and what not to keep!!!) I'm in a clean out mode, less is more, but battling the Bowers side of Scott is tough, who wants to keep everything. Good thing he's gone right now...heehehee! J/K.

We've been having quite a bit of computer issues the past week or so...with viruses and at one time didn't have any computer working. Also the last couple of weeks have been pretty busy, with the kitchen renovations, interim kitchen set up (dishwasher and homemade sink base, griddle, and old range in middle of kitchen floor). But we are getting by, a little frustrated cooking at times and a little cluttered, but I'm trying to be patient so we can get everything done correctly and save as much money at the same time. I am very excited about the kitchen getting done and the opening into the living room is so nice, I love being able to look out into the living room and see the view. More on all that another time!

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Abby and Pete said...

love the bedding! don't tell amy that there is a lot of red in both my girl's rooms! but I love pink, and am obsessed with hair bows.