Sunday, January 10, 2010

It's a ......GIRL!

This week has been a crazy week! Starting with the news that we are having a little GIRL! We told the lady that no one would believe us, so she took some extra "proof" pictures. We are so thrilled to bring a girl into the Shippy side of the family...first since Scott's uncle Leonard had Sara...who I think is Scott's age. Anyways, my mom likes to remind me that my brother was the first boy in her moms side of the family in like 100 I'm sure she shares some of the excitement for the Shippy's. After dinner on Monday night (when we found out) I insisted we go to Target to buy our little girl her first outfit. It was so much fun looking at all the girl stuff. I found this outfit! She is going to be a little Mayflower! I had trouble deciding whether to get newborn size clothes or 3M...Tyler was 9lbs 9 oz...I was 7lbs 13 oz when born and Scott was like 9lbs 15oz. So, being that it is a girl and she is measuring right on schedule she will probably be more my weight...but I want her to wear the outfits longer than Tyler wore his newborn outfits. The up to size on Newborn is 8.5lbs. Also, Aunt Jenny already added to her wardrobe with these cute onesies and my friend Sarah gave her the ice cream onesie and little shorts. I'm a little worried about getting bombarded with pink...but I've decided that we are going to decorate her room in Red, White, and Mocha. I'm going to keep everything basic solids and maybe stripes.

I also found an ITZBEEN at Target that night for a great deal! It's a timer system/night light that helps you with breast feeding, diaper changes, sleep times...etc. So excited! As you can definitely made for some excitement in our home!
Scott was really moved by the realization that he was going to have a girl. Today he said, while watching Tyler run crazy back and forth across the living room jumping on the 2 chairs, "what is a girl going to do?" I replied, "follow her older brother around and do whatever he does!"
Later that week...I was struck down by the cheeseburgers at McDonald's...or something. I ended up going to the ER to get some fluids pumped in me because I knew I was getting too dehydrated. I'm not usually one to go to the Dr. or ER, but this was for our baby girl. Everything was fine and I was feeling back to myself later the next day!


LoveLladro said...

Oh I love her first outfit and what a great idea that you guys got it before anyone else could ;~) Smart! So excited for you guys!

Mom Shippy said...

Hmmm...Well, Scott was only 9lbs. 12oz. if it'll make you feel any better! :)