Saturday, January 02, 2010

December and Resolutions....

Where did December go...and why have I been such a slacker on blog updates? First, time just never stops, and second, I guess facebook keeps me distracted....oh and Tyler.

Thanksgiving was great with my parents in town and Johne and Jenny was fun hanging out cooking, bickering, and being lazy...until Tyler threw a tantrum that is...first couple days without a paci was pretty traumatic. We had a simple meal with few leftovers. Mom, Dad, and Bert the dog stayed with Johne and Jenny...but visited our house often when Johne and Jenny had to work their retail holiday rush. We just loved having them here...they got to see Tyler play with his new fishing pole (which was accidentally dropped in the river 2 days later), get a family photo taken...with the dog, dad went fishing with Scott, the girls and Tyler went shopping at the outlets...we had a great visit.

December 11th and 12th Scott and I went to Charleston for the weekend for his high school buddies wedding. We had a great time sleeping in, watching real cable TV, and of course attending a beautiful wedding, rehearsal dinner party, and send off brunch! Jenny helped with Tyler on Friday and Grandma and Grandpa had him Friday night and Saturday night.

Tyler's family stocking is done!!! And as you can see I am the only one left to get one made for me...I've heard Mom Shippy has started on it already this year! So exciting...aren't they gorgeous!

Our main gift this year for all of our family was a Weather Stick. We got one last year and love it. It really reacts to changing weather. Go here is you want to learn more about them. I hope they hang them up soon...or already have...let me know!!!

Christmas was so much fun this year with Tyler. He really enjoyed all the opening and chaos of Christmas. It was tough to keep him focused on opening more presents because he was so into the one he just opened. Christmas Eve at Scott's parents was like a whirlwind from dinner to opening presents chaos. I really don't know who got who what this year...and it was especially confusing helping Tyler open all of his gifts and keeping track. We ended up taking pictures and even putting some of the unopened toys in the closet for a rainy spread out the fun. On the top of Scott's wish list was a framing nailer (Lord help us), fishing poles and supplies, lots of tools, and a shovel...that Santa brought him. My wish list granted was a label maker, electric skillet, $ for our kitchen, fruit bowl (awesome wooden one from Jenny), and pyrex glass storage dishes with lids. Tyler got a train set, little people car set, 30 some hot wheels, a Dr. box gift set, train table from Santa, another fishing pole (which he will not let go goes on car rides with us), a little TYLER step stool, a bag of balloons, look and find book, fishing game, and so much other stuff, I can't keep track.

We were so blessed this Christmas and I had a blast shopping for everyone...maybe too much! I loved having a get together with my nephews right before Christmas to get any last minute requests and learn about what they are up to. Matthew mentioned the Flat Stanley chapter books he's reading and a scorpion lego kit he wanted. I finally found what I thought he might be talking about and sure enough right after he opened it he ran over to me and said....I'VE BEEN WANTING THIS!!! I was so excited that I got the right one! James says he loves football so I got him and Tyler matching Football long sleeve shirts and he is reading Stuart Little books, and Andrew loves the CARS disney theme so I got him a CARS race track.This was really the highlight of my Christmas this year...besides making Tyler so excited and happy. and Scott was like a little boy when he saw a shovel next to his stocking.

We had Christmas lunch at Johnny and Jenny's house with her parents and brother who came down again this year for Christmas. We had ham, roasted red potatoes, corn, cheatin bread, and strawberry spinach salad. 2 of the items came from Scott's side of the family and the roasted red potatoes from Aunt Carla in Iowa. Gifts were fun too...Scott got a new small shop vac, $ for the kitchen, a coffee cup and pen with Tyler's picture on it, and we got Johne an air compressor with brad nailer (within 3 days Johne called and said he almost has all the trimmed nailed in!) We really searched for this item...taking 3 of them back trying to find the best deal...lots of effort for 1 gift for him!)

Later that day we went to Rob and Amy's for yet another Christmas dinner. It was really amazing food and it was fun seeing Tyler play with his cousins and follow them around for a few hours. They are so good with him and love playing with him and making him laugh.

We had company to bring in the New Year from Atlanta. Jan, Clete, and 4 month old Chloe came to visit. Clete wanted a Low Country Boil (1 pot=red potatoes, sausage, shrimp (and corn) and 1 can Old Bay Seasoning). It was pretty good actually...usually it weirds me out everything cooked in one pot of bowling water. We had great desserts as well. Scott's parents joined us and brought Chess Bars, I made a chocolate pudding pie and cookies. By 10:30 Scott's parents had left and we all were ready to hit the bed...with kids...sleep is just a little too precious these days. We were all out by 11pm. It was 12:00am somewhere though!

And now to Resolutions:

1. Blog once a I don't feel I have to do my monster blog updates anymore...that take an hour or so...the time really adds up.

2. De-Clutter...with baby coming in May...we need some room.

3. Weekly meal menu...this one is to please Scott. I know it's not that hard and they don't always have to be big huge meals...but a plan is the plan. I know I can do it!

Happy New Year Everyone!


Greg and Elisa said...

I have an idea for the meals!

Type up a list of the meals you and Scott like. Print them out, put the slips in a box. Then on whatever day you plan meals, pull out however many you plan to make, 5-7, and there are your meals! I got tired of thinking every week of something different, so I figure this is a good way to keep the meals rotating and it saves me some brain power! :)

LoveLladro said...

I'm working on the meal plan too... trying to get a stockpile of good recipes in my arsenal (like your friend above suggested ;~) And I know I wouldn't mind more posts... love seeing you guys and hearing about your adventures!