Friday, October 26, 2007

Here comes the Nursery!

Well, not quite yet, but we do have a new window (that opens and has a screen!). Scott and his dad installed it tonight (minus 1 crow bar). This weekend the room should get painted and on Monday there will be carpet installed (to make it nice and cozy for a baby)! So during the week I'll be able to put everything together and get everything organized for Tyler's room. I am very excited! I will also be able to get the guest bedroom back in order and decorated nicely. While I am putting those two rooms together and cleaning the rest of the house, Scott will be finishing up the rest of the master bathroom, hallway, and office entrance. (Lots of tiling and painting left to do...).

We've taken a little break from really working on the house, but there is a time crunch with no set end date. We are 28 days away from our Due Date (can you believe it?), but who really knows when Tyler wants to enter this world! We must get back to work! Wish us luck!

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LoveLladro said...

wow... only 28 days left... how quickly did all this go by! love the nursery, i can't wait to see it all put together ;~)