Sunday, October 14, 2007

Closet Organization...getting close to move in!

Yesterday the carpet was to be installed, but hammering into concrete and slate rock proved to be too much for the carpet guy so he had to resort to gluing the tack strips down, so they had to dry overnight. It should all be done soon with furniture moved in and we'll get to use our new bedroom and office and then get the nursery and guest bedroom set up.

Anyways, in between all of this Scott and I are hoping to go down to Forsyth Park in Savannah for a Praise in the Park celebration, it will be a good break to enjoy some food, music, and fellowship with everyone. It's usually a pretty big deal!

Here are some pictures from our progress. Scott has been working so hard and we've had some very gracious help from Scott's parents almost on a daily basis! They've been painting, hanging doors, cutting doors to make them fit, and most of all a constant support group. Thank you so much! We love you both and you've been life savers!!!! The master bath is being put on hold for a few weeks, so no pictures there.
Bedroom colors are Artic Ocean with an accent wall called Jute (above).The office and entrance is Crisp Celery with Scott's beautiful chair rail (white).

We were also very productive last night as we mastered the art of closet organization. OK, well it was a kit from Lowe's, but the kit was for a standard 8' long closet. We have 2 walls of about 4' each, which we had come up with a design before we bought the kit and we managed to figure out exactly where we could utilize everything in the box. We were successful! All that is needed is 1 more slide hanger hook. We are very proud and excited because this will be the first time in our marriage that all of our clothes will be in 1 room!
Check back soon for more updates!


Anonymous said...

Scott and Carrie,
Does all this work mean that when Chuck and I come visit we can stay with you -- or will we have to camp in the backyard by the river?
It all looks fantastic and so do you Carrie!
Aunt Carla (for Chuck too)

The Townleys said...

It looks great, you guys! Your hard work is definitely paying off! How many days left until Junior is there?

LoveLladro said...

The house is coming together really nicely guys! That celery color is beautiful! We are so close to having our little men! Can you believe it? (BTW - got your call... I will ring you back asap!)