Sunday, June 03, 2007

The BIG Announcement!

Yep, I did it...finally work knows that I AM PREGNANT! It feels so good, for those that know me well, I don't keep secrets very well, I am sometimes too honest to a fault. So, I made it 15 weeks (well, really only 11 weeks because you don't even know you're pregnant until you're already 4 weeks!) without having to spill the news earlier than I wanted to. I have to admit, some of the offices I call on either figured me out or I gushed the news a little early for some OB advise!

So, now I can give updates on how everything is going. I'm finally over the morning sickness (knock on wood!) my appetite is coming back and from what I hear it will come with furry! I'm kind of showing kind of not. We can't really figure it out. I am going to ask my Dr. tomorrow. We have our 3rd appointment and 3rd ultra sound tomorrow at 4:00pm. I will be 15weeks and 3 days or so tomorrow so we'll see if she can tell the sex of the baby or not. If she is pretty certain we will let you all know...because we want to know. We are hoping for a girl....but anything healthy will do of course! I have a feeling she won't tell us and will wait until we are 19-20 weeks along. Keep your fingers crossed!

Maybe I'll be daring enough to even post my growing belly next!

PS-we finally got rain here in Savannah...rained all day Saturday...and NO ONE in Savannah complained!


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LoveLladro said...

YAY!! I am so excited for you guys!! I can't wait to see the growing belly!