Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Just for a laugh

Does anyone know who this is? (Pregnant and barefoot in the kitchen at 17 wks) Kind of scary huh?

Anyways, we recieved our first baby gifts (or at least Scott did for fathers day from my mom). My mom is a baseball fanatic and wants to make sure her grandson is decked out in Iowa Cubs Baseball attire. They are so precious. She also sent me my first maternity wear! Once I put on the pants and shorts I never wanted to take them off, they were so comfortable! They are so perfect. Thanks MOM...You are the best!! Oh, and I think Chance can tell something is up, he's already playing the role of jealous brother.


LoveLladro said...

carrie! i can't believe how much you have popped! you look fantastic! congrats on the new maternity wear too... i felt the same way! there is something to be said about a nice elastic band ;~) i am so excited to be pregnant in tandem with you (even if it is 600 miles apart!

Rob and Danielle said...

YOU LOOK AWESOME! We are so excited for you guys! AND, congrats on your second year of marriage...I still remember you guys were the first couple we met at BACC. We miss you! If you ever want to come back for a visit, you have a place to stay! Oh, did you hear the Linnell's had their baby on Thursday??