Tuesday, June 26, 2007

It's My Birthday!- UPDATED!

I have the most romantic husband in the world! Early Tuesday morning we got up and he offered to make me my favorite breakfast-french toast. I insisted on making it myself (I'm very particular about my french toast!) however, we were out of milk and with no hesitation he was out the door to the grocery store to get some milk and vegetable oil. Later that day I came home before an afternoon meeting with my teammates and there was a present on the kitchen table. The card was from my cat, Chance. The card stated that Scott and I should go out to the beach to enjoy a romantic picnic, so he could have the house to himself and invite some of his new friends over (we've been letting him go outside to attend the community cat meeting). Anyways, there was also a new maternity swimsuit from Old Navy.

Once we got out to the beach we stopped by Arby's for some take out. As we were headed out to the beach Scott pulled out another bag of presents and we walked out to a romantic spot on the beach for our dinner and birthday celebration. After we ate I opened 2 more presents consisting of more maternity clothes. The 1st card was from Scott and the 2nd card was from our son. Yes, I said our son, he said that I need to keep eating well and that the grape nuts I've been eating are real good. Also, that he likes the walks so keep that up, and that I should name him really soon.

Oh, and the night is not over yet, we went on a walk on the beach and out to the Tybee Pier to watch the locals try to catch some shark. Then headed back home where he made me my favorite desert, strawberry shortcake w/angel food cake and cool whip. He even presented it with trick candles and sang to me.

What a creative, sweet, loving husband I have. He always knows how to make me feel so special! I will never forget my first birthday here in Savannah and being pregnant! I love you hunny bunny!

My mom also sent me some awesome maternity clothes from a store in Iowa that we don't have here. My parents and grandma also sent me a gift card to Target. I'm sure I'll be making plenty of trips there in the next few months as we prepare for the baby. My parents-in law got me the best pregnancy pillow ever. I couln't find the exact picture, but it looks something like this:

We are still thinking of names, but may just have one picked out. It's so hard picking out a name that he is going to have to live with for the rest of his life! Oh, and our next appointment is Tuesday July 3rd.


LoveLladro said...

I so meant to write in yesterday! Happy Birthday Carrie! Hope it was a good day!

Danielle said...

Happy Birthday!!!