Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend FUN!

The plan was for me to do a weekend beach tour, a different beach for 3 days straight. Well, it started with a trip to St. Simon's Island, GA. I met my friends Sarah and Kenny and they took me to a secluded beach with only about 15 people and it was so peaceful that after they left to go to a wedding, I fell asleep. When I woke up the tide had come in over the rocks and was approaching my spot. Also during my nap, I forgot to put sunscreen on my feet...OUCH. Because of this, I could not finish my weekend beach tour to Hilton Head Island and Tybee Island. I had to stay out of the sun and let my skin heal. Here is a picture of the one beach I did get to:

Scott had a friend come in town to entertain him while I was attempting my beach tour. They stayed busy helping Scott's brother get his boat off the lift at his house and took his boat out on Saturday...they said they saw 25 or was it 15 dolphin having a feeding frenzy. They then were able to get Scott's dad out on the boat to help them spot as they both wanted to water ski. Both successful...the next day they were able to put our new boat (used that is) in the water and get it running smoothly with steering and everything. Here is a picture of them coming around to the dock.
And then finally the sun went down on Sunday night and I was able to enjoy a sunset tour of the Forest River. It was gorgeous! I hope you enjoy my feet in these it a little spice!
Scott, Ron, and his parents rounded out Monday with a trip to the golf course and then back on the boat later in the afternoon. I did make it to Hilton Head with Rob and Amy and the kids to a little pool party...where I stayed in the shade with covered feet. It was a nice weekend, but went by way to fast!!!

Hope you all had a great weekend!



LoveLladro said...

sounds like a great weekend! what a gorgeous sunset shot! miss you up here but it sounds like GA is treating you well!

Anonymous said...

The beach and the sunset really look nice. I hope your feet are better and you can enjoy the beach and the boat again this weekend. In Iowa we are still having rain almost every day, and today near the mighty Miss there was a tornado.