Sunday, May 20, 2007

Trickeling Water/Mother's Day Tribute

Chance (our beloved little cat) has been spoiled to say the least. He has trained us to turn on the bathtub water at a trickle so he can get his hourly fix of water. Yes, he has a water dish...a special filtered fountain streamed dish from Petsmart. This dish however was not good enough because it did not produce a real fountain out of the spout trickle as the bathtub faucet gives him. So, for the past few years we have listened to Chance whine everytime we're in the bathroom (to do our thing) for us to turn on the tub water at just the right trickle so he can drink out of it, but not get wet. Then after we finally give in and turn the water on...we come back hours later (next bathroom visit) only to realize we left the water running for the cat for hours. This was all very frustrating as you can probably today we hopefully ended it! We bought him the trickle water dispenser and placed it in the bathroom and so far today we have been bathtub water trickle free and he seems to be really enjoying his new water device.

On another note...last weekend we celebrated Mother's Day at our house with Scott's parents and Uncle Greg. Scott made up the menu and we had filet, garlic chicken pasta, 2 kinds of bread, spinach and strawberry salad, and brownie sundae for desert. We sat in the front room with a better view than any restaurant could have had. So to my mom and Scott's mom....Happy Mother's Day AGAIN! Because every day is Mother's Day! A special note to my mom and my grandma...I missed you all so much. I have been realizing that I have not been home for Mother's Day in many years...maybe even since high school! I love you both very much and thought I would attach some pictures of all of us over the years as a special tribute, since we don't have any official Mother's Day pictures. Anyways, I am so lucky to have you both in my life and even though we're far apart you are both so close to my heart all of the time!

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