Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Gotta love softplay!

Softplay just gives us moms a place to wear out our kids. Tyler loves it and then gets really tired and usually has a really good nap!
Hopefully some of my friends will send me some pics of MOPS Farm Day that I can post. We spent the day at the Life of Riley farm April 17th. One of our MOPS leaders family lives and runs a farm. We had a blast. We fed the horses whole pieces of bread, went on a hay ride, saw 100's of cows, colored chicks, bunny rabbits, squealing pigs, goats, a turtle and a dog that lives on the roof of the barn? Now Tyler knows what a horse says and what a cow says. Neigh and MOOO (just in case you forgot!). So cute. Pictures to follow soon!

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Oh My Gosh! He's just too stinkin' cute!!!