Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sewer Project

Goodbye to the septic's gone! We have city sewer! Now we don't have to worry about what toilet paper we use, how many showers and loads of laundry we are doing. OK we really didn't until we started overflowing the septic tank with all of our visitors and new roommates. Anyways, the project is complete (almost...the yard needs to be re-seeded) we have unlimited (minus the bills) water usage again!

The day started off without a hitch...until we couldn't find the sewer line in our yard and thought we'd have to go across the street. But then they just kept on digging and found it...I was having a stressful day waiting on the contract to go through in Richmond...and when they first told me they couldn't find the sewer line I about lost it...then when Scott came back in and told me they found it...I burst into tears...just over whelmed with everything. Anyways, it took 2 days and all the plumbing has been re-done under the house and all hooked up ot the sewer line. My brother was helping the whole time...crawling under the house and gettin' dirty.

I am just so thankful that I have such handy men around to help save a few bucks on all the projects this house needs.

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Molly Fromille said...

It is fun getting to read all about your life from time to time! I am sooo thrilled you guys have a contract on the Richmond condo! I'll be praying everything goes through smoothly! Yay for officially being a stay-at-home mom:) I am also enjoying seeing all the cute pics of your adorable son... keep em comin!