Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Aunt Debbie visits and LOW TIDE

Things are going pretty good down here in Savannah, this week we have my Aunt Debbie in from Iowa for her Spring Break from school. She loves Tyler and Tyler loves her. She brought him a new doggie blanket that is really soft! Last night she made us an awesome Tator Tot casserole and my favorite pasta salad. Oh and I can't forget the cherry crisp...so good and easy too! (2 cans cherries, 1 box white cake mix and butter all over top...in oven 350 for 30-35 minutes or until top is golden brown!). Today we went down to River Street in Savannah, I had my first Po Boy Shrimp Sandwich at Lizzie's Seafood...it was gooood! We put Tyler in the Baby Bjorn and walked along River Street. Tyler loved it...unless we went inside a store or stopped moving...such as in this picture.
This is along the River with the big bridge in the background (notice Tyler's bib says, "Probably the best baby in the universe) Ha Ha. We attempted at eating at Lady and Son's (Paula Deen's restarant in Savannah) but they were all booked up...they said they start taking reservations at 8:30am for lunch...I offered to make it happen tomorrow but since we are going to The Crab Shack tomorrow for dinner we are going to wait until the next time she comes into town. However she did get to go in the gift shop where her two sons were signing books! Here is their picture:
We are just having a blast. It is so fun to have visitors!


Below are pictures of the lowest tide we've ever seen at our house taken on March 8th 2008. All of our neighbors were amazed as were we at our floating docks....not floating anymore! CRAZY!

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Abby & Pete said...

how cool, you saw jamie and bobby deen! and tyler is just too sweet, love his blue eyes.