Sunday, March 02, 2008

Crib and Nap Training

It's been an interesting week with Tyler...trying to get him to sleep in his Crib for his daytie naps. He knows when it's bedtime so that is a good thing, but when it comes to daytime naps he's a little confused. He's getting to the point where he just doesn't want to miss out on anything (reminds me of Scott) he always wants to be in the action...but when he gets fussy he's no fun. I've been trying to settle him down 30 minutes before his nap time should be like using quiet voices, singing to him, and reading him a book. Idealy "they say" infants should get at least two 90-120 minute naps and possibly a 3rd mini nap before dinner. Tyler is getting more comfortable in his crib, but the nap only last for 30 minutes at a time and he cries in between. Putting his pacifier back in works but only for a little bit. It gets better each day but of course this weekend has been all messed up, so we'll start again on Monday. Wish us luck.
A few milestones: he is interlocking his fingers and finds them pretty fascinating, he grabs and plays with his toys, loves facing outwards in his Baby Bjorn and going on walks, his head is getting much stronger and he can sit in his Bumbo seat. This picture was taken yesterday (it was 74 in Savannah) our time outside only lasted 3 minutes as we were soon attacked by the famous Savannah Sand Gnats (no not the baseball team) the real nasty little annoying bugs that only come out on the nicest of nicest days to ruin your time outside. Anyways, also note the new shoes we got Tyler at Target...they are cute and he has room to grow into them.

Still nothing on the sale of our property...we do have some interested buyers in Richmond so we are praying for a contract soon.

We were supposed to get hooked up to the city sewer last week, but the guys equipment was broken, so this week we've decided to have someone else do the some additional work for about the same cost. I hope that all of that will be behind us after this week.

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Abby & Pete said...

he gets cuter with every picture! good luck with the napping, he'll get it eventually.