Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Sickness and Christmas Decor

I can't believe how the days run together and go so fast. Maybe it's the blur of the night that jumps me through the day only to come to another night of fear. What's going to happen tonight, is Tyler going to sleep in between feedings, moan and grunt all night, cry, or want my nipple all night? He is so unpredictable but so predictable. No matter what he is still the sweetest little guy and I love him so much! I feel so bad when he struggles to either relieve himself of the last feeding or when he has a hiccup attack right after a projectile vomit. We're figuring things out and even though it's a challenge, it's all worth it. Another big challenge is both Scott and I came down with a soar throat on Monday and Scott is still sick and has almost lost his voice. So Scott's solution is to wear a mask around Tyler even though Tyler probably has the best immune system in the house. Sunday Scott and I went out and bought a Christmas tree and later that night we decorated the house with Christmas decorations. I thought that we'd better do it while my mom was here to help or it might not get done at all. My mom did great helping me put up regular decorations and replace them with Christmas decorations. The house looks great, nice and festive. She even did some festive things outside. Here is a few shots of the the tree and the family.I had mentioned during the night that I was craving frosted sugar cookies. So what did my husband do? He made sugar cookies and he even had to run to the grocery store to get powdered sugar for the frosting. They were so good and just another reminder of how great my husband is. (Sorry about the legs hanging out, Tyler likes to interrupt major activities with a quick snack).My mom was bummed that we didn't have our headbands of antlers and Christmas bulb lights but she did make hot chocolate and we found a "traditional" Christmas music from yahoo Internet site. It was a little bit tiring and kind of ran into my nap time, which is usually from 8ish-12ish while Scott is on Tyler duty (he brings him into me if he needs to be fed). Then when Scott comes to bed I take over for the night until 7 or 8am. It's a pretty good system and Scott helps if I'm having a lot of trouble but I mainly want him to sleep since someone has to make some money and be functional during the day.

My mom's stay here is winding down, I'm a little anxious about her leaving but I know it has to happen. She has been a huge help and the house and yard look great thanks to her dedicated work. She plans on leaving sometime tomorrow so today will consist of helping her get packed up and ready. I feel bad that they won't see their grandson again for awhile...maybe 6 months or so unless they decide to make another trip down. Who knows maybe we'll get restless too and decide to make a trip to Iowa next spring. I can't wait for my whole family to meet him because he is so sweet! And I have a feeling he's going to get big really fast!

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