Monday, February 05, 2007

Super Bowl Fun. Way to go Colts!

On Friday night Scott took me and his parents to see an off Broadway show at the Savannah Theater. It was called, The Fantastic's, it was a nice, funny story line and we had 1st row balcony seats. The singing was amazing, and for very few effects, it was pretty good. The best part was it felt like a real date night!

On Sunday, Scott and I hosted a Super Bowl party with our Small Group from Church. I made the biggest pot of Chili I've ever made and it was delicious thanks to a tip from my mom! When the guys arrived they played some football outside for awhile and the girls played some kind of words game??? Bobble or something like that. It was really funny when they started playing during half-time and it must be the quietest game ever because there was not a peep out of them! I, on the other hand, was watching the football game ever so intently as the Colts went on to win 29-17! Go Colts! In between I was also attempting to make ice cream...oops a little runny...and brownies. We had so much food! Anyways, we had a blast!

After the game Scott and I cleaned up in record time, I was really tired, but I was so happy this morning when everything was put away.

Everything else is going well, I feel like we are getting our life back to a normal routine.

Love and prayers to everyone!

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