Wednesday, February 07, 2007

No MORE Chili!

OK, I think I've had enough Chili for 2 cold winters in Iowa! My stomach cannot handle anymore tomato sauce! But did I tell you it was good! But it's time to move on and empty the left over bowl into the garbage.

Anyways, now that the uncertainty of my life has calmed down a bit, I find myself missing that uncertainty. Each day seems to be the same: I get all day, come home, work some more, watch some TV or at least stare at the TV while my mind thinks of 100 other things, warm up the bed, go to bed. Can anyone else relate? In a week and a half things will shake up again as I go back for 2 weeks of training. Then in March my brother and his girlfriend are coming to visit, followed by my parents. This is very exciting because neither has been to our house here in Savannah and my parents haven't even been to Savannah! So check back in March to see their exciting adventure.

Well, American Idol is on...time for a little therapy as I watch these crazy people with skewed perceptions of themselves and their voices put themselves out for the world to see. I love to see the good ones get a chance though!

Here are some good reminders to help me on my journey with God: (We just started studying Romans)
1. Personal Righteousness will not save me. (Romans 1:16) "...the Gospel for it is the power of God unto salvation."
2. Pursuing righteousness will sanctify me. (Romans 1:5) " call them to the obedience that comes from faith."
3. Personal commitment will position me for greater service. (Romans 1:9) "For God whom I serve in my spirit..."

*Notes from Savannah Christian Church Wednesday night service (2-7-07).


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